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Hey Wine Lovers!

The Chattanooga Wine Club is an informal group of amateur wine makers who have fun making wine together. Most members are in the Chattanooga area, and we have a few from Georgia and Alabama. The skill level of our members varies widely – all the way from “I just drink it!” to “I’ve been growing grapes, making wine and studying the art for years.”

We have one or two meetings each year, where we plan our activities at a member’s home.  And we have numerous wine crushing and pressing events each fall, as each grape varietal is delivered and distributed.  Some members buy grapes in clusters to process at home but most members participate in our group crushing and pressing.

Every year we buy and distribute (and eventually consume!) about 4 tons of grapes in a half-dozen varieties.  We have members who take 50 gallons of juice each year and some who only take 5.  We have 10 or 15 members who come out for the fun but don’t make their own wine.  If you want to try it we have help for beginners.  If you just want to watch, you are welcome!

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