about us

Wine making steps from grape to fermented juice.

We are a very casual club which enjoys making and tasting wine, not wine snobs! Our membership is free, in exchange, all our members pitch in to help process the grapes.



We meet once or twice a year to plan the grape order and socialize and share our previous year's wines. In the fall is when all the work begins. Grapes arrive in a refrigerated semi-truck, we crush and distribute juice for the upcoming year.

We order most of our grapes come from the west coast: California and Washington State, but we try and use a local variety if suitable. 

Every year we buy and distribute (and eventually consume!) several tons of grapes. There are some favorite grapes we order most years due to their popularity like Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, or Syrah. But we also try and pick something a little different such as a Malbec, Petite Verdot or Tempranillo.

We have members who order fifty gallons of juice each year and some who only take five.  We have a few members who come out for the fun but don’t make their own wine.  If you want to try it, we have help for beginners. You are welcome to come and help out with the activities; making wine takes lots of workers! From crushing to stirring to pressing to cleaning equipment, processing several tons of grapes takes helpers.