Board members


Meet the board members for 2019 from top left: 

President, Joe White; Wine wizard in training, Kay Thrasher; Resident wine wizard, Uwe Zitzow; Treasurer and money handler, Abby White; Past president, Jim Roxlo; Logistics, Mike Rawlston; Chemistry and warehouse, Julie and Joe Horton; Communications, Sue Lowery;

We have an email membership of almost 200 people, and an active group of around 50. We can draw on the expertise of our members whose backgrounds range from engineers (comes in handy when the pumps need work), to a "process improvement consultant" (that's why we're working much more efficiently), to logistics (ensures our grapes arrive!)


Each year we improve our methods of wine making, adding  new equipment and quicker ways of processing, or working through a challenge of weather or chemistry.

The "alchemists" who monitor the crushed grapes are truly wizards! They make sure the fermenting is going just right, not too fast, not too slow!